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The Ten Skills

These Ten Skills Give Kids the Gift of Word Recognition


Get a free, complete curriculum at the University of Florida Literacy Institute.


West Virginia Phonics is a free curriculum that helps teachers give kids the ten skills.

You can also find these as member content at Tools 4 Reading, or (often with graphics) as Teachers Pay Teachers products.

  • Skill 1: Phonemic Awareness

  • Skill 2: Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC)

    3 weeks, 18 lessons
  • Skill 3: Consonant Blends

    3 Weeks,  9 lessons
  • Skill 4: Consonant Digraphs

    3 weeks, 14 lessons
  • Skill 5: Long Vowels

    3 weeks, 14 lessons
  • Skill 6: Predictable Vowel Teams

    3 weeks, 15 lessons
  • Skill 7: Vowel Teams Multiple Sounds

    3 weeks, 15 lessons
  • Skill 8: Vowel r

    3 weeks,  8 lessons
  • Skill 9: Complex Consonants

    3 weeks, 14 lessons
  • Skill10: Multisyllable Words

    2 weeks, 12 lessons

Kids with Swiss Cheese Phonics Knowledge?

No children should be left with gaps and holes in their phonics mastery.

Big Kids Need Phonics, Too.

Here's how to determine which.

Want free decodable stories, plus lessons?

Open Source Phonics has you covered, all free.

Packaged a little differently from the ten skills, the lessons here are wonderfully integrated with the stories.