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Nearly all children can learn to read. Far too many do not.

Do flawed ideas about reading hold young people back? Especially poor children or children of color?

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Deep understanding of both the science and the practical aspects of teaching.

Explore with us how kids learn (and don't learn) to read.

Every teacher, and most parents, can learn something that will help make kids' lives easier.

Nearly 150 articles, videos, podcasts, interactive engagements; and growing.

It's a tool for all educators, citizens and parents and all who care for kids and the future.

I hope you'll pay it forward, try the app, and help us make it even better for the generation of teachers and parents coming up.

A social justice issue for millions of kids.

Nearly half of schools of education still don't teach how children actually learn to read.

  • Black and low-SES Americans are the most vulnerable to bad ideas about how to teach reading.
  • The effects can be seen up through college, with remedial classes and dropouts common among those with low reading abilities.
  • The school-to-prison pipeline starts with inadequate understanding of how kids learn to read, and the use of shoddy curricula which makes the problem worse.


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